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Riley #0999

Gender: male

Status: adopted

My name is Riley and my Mum & Dad adopted me 4 yrs ago,my name then, Gizmo # 999. They both decided on the way home from my foster Mum in Bolton that I was not a “Gizmo” said I would have the “Life of Riley” so I was reborn, oh boy was I ever. I was still nervous of a lot of things but with all the love given me have overcome them,still not too sure of water will go in but not too far, if I hear the word BATH I tend to ignore it hoping it will go away of course it doesn’t. I have a feline brother and sister and this year I was front page on my Vets calendar with Barney the cat, Mum calls us her “Calendar Boys” I’m quite fond of him and he likes to cuddle with me, my sister “Baby Girl” sits on me but she does that to everyone. I love to go to the Parky Park Mum throws the ball for me, sometimes I go after it but sometimes I like to wander and have a good sniff depends how I feel.Anyway thought I would give you a short update, hoping to see yo u Sunday I’m bringing Mum & Dad to the Picnic. Mum & Dad are Sheila & Joe. They asked me to say Hi to you, must go now time for a nap, got a bit tired this morning chasing a rabbit in my garden.

Bye for now, Riley

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