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Honey #1048

Gender: female

Status: adopted

When we adopted 2.5 year old Honey she was in the loving care of one of your foster families. Given up by a single owner Honey had been over fed and under walked.  She was 95 lbs which was about 25 lbs overweight.  I knew we would take her home before we even met her.  The first night she was at our house she settled at the foot of our bed and did not move until morning.  She had found her home. We immediately started a weight loss program with the help of our vet and within a year Honey was down to 68 lbs.  She loves all balls, huge pillows and anything soft to sleep on including couches and beds.  A year later we had a baby boy and she accepted him as her own.  She easily adjusted to sharing her time and nothing makes her more excited than a Saturday morning family walk.  She is a caring and gentle girl who loves to sleep on her daddy’s lap and walk patiently and gently down the street as we constantly stop and start for her now 2 year old toddler brother Jake.  She is very playful and teases us constantly by stealing our mitts and socks.  She loves all stuffed animals and has never chewed or destroyed any of them.  Honey only demonstrates slight insecurity outside of the home.  She loves her favourite walking routes and parks but taking her into a stranger’s home makes her understandably anxious with the exception of the cottage we go to every summer.  It took her 4 days to learn how to swim the first summer and now she is a pro.  Swimming for the ball and taking paddle boat rides are a natural joy for her.  We were all so lucky to find each other.  We have learned so much and know  that her happiest times are home with all family member present, chewing on her bone, with her favorite pillow within reach.  She is now 6 years old and a deep rooted part of our family.

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