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Layla #1137

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Eric Clapton must have been talking about our Layla when he wrote, “Darling, won’t you ease my troubled mind.” This is exactly what Layla does. On a recent stay at her favourite kennel, a Bassett Hound was freaking during a thunder storm. The kennel owner put her in with Layla and the Basset calmed down immediately.Calm, gentle, quiet, and friendly…that’s our Layla! As a therapy dog for the Humane Society in Burlington, Layla is an absolute hit in nursing homes, kissing each resident on request. Her forever family has fostered 10 Goldens since adopting Layla and Layla has been a perfect companion foster and has made the fosters’ transitions very easy. In fact, one foster showed aggression to most dogs and, on meeting Layla, he calmed right down and they became instant friends. Layla is one-of-a-kind and her forever family is so proud of her because not only is she a wonderful family member but she gives her time generously to help people and other dogs in need.

~ Janice & Ian

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