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Zoey #1140

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Zoey loves to ride in the car so some of these photos were taken on her visits.  We were in Arkansas for Easter so Zoey on the run was taken there.  We have good friends who live close by that look after Zoey when we can’t take her with us, and that would be the photo titled Lloyd and Jennifer’s.

She has re- gained her confidence and is no longer the submissive dog she was when she arrived home with us.  She would urinate in the vet’s office, or when startled by the doorbell.  That is a thing of the past, now.  She still will grab and eat paper towel or napkins, but she has stopped taking socks and towels and pot holders.  She does love to chase the birds in the back yard.  I think she wishes our cat, Desi, would play with her more, but Desi is more at the tolerance level.  However, I do believe they rely on each other for company when we have to go out.

We made up a little tune that sums up Zoey’s story and it goes like this.

The Ballad of Zoey

(sung to the tune of Davey Crockett, with apologies to those who are too young to remember Davey Crockett)


Zoey, Zoey Gerrie mummy’s little golden girl.

(1st and only verse, so far)

Abandoned at a shelter in Montreal

Saved by Golden Rescue late that Fall

Found her a home where she could run and play

Knew she found love, and she is here to stay.


Zoey, Zoey Gerrie daddy’s little golden girl.

Thank you all for the great work you do on behalf of these beautiful dogs.

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