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Gus #1286

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Bobby #528 came from London to his forever family in London when he was four years old. A sweeter, gentler, more loving boy did not exist on this planet. When he was eight, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. There was no treatment…just medication that would keep the pain away until it was his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. One day, we saw it in his eyes…Bobby knew it was time to go. We were inconsolable, although we knew it was the best thing for Bobby. A year later, we decided it was time to adopt again so we contacted GR. This time, we got Gus or Gussy Bear as the family calls him. We are in love with Gussy Bear and although Bobby will never be forgotten (that would be impossible), Gus has sure filled the void with his wonderfulness. We believe Bobby is looking down, wagging his tail and teaching Gussy Bear the ropes.

~ Rebekah & family

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