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Status: adopted

Sadie will be three on July 17th and we will all celebrate with a vanilla ice cream cake. When Sadie came to us she was a sad, terrified little Goldie at the young age of eleven months. It was so hard to see her yelp when you raised you hand to pat her. We assumed she thought that she was going to be hit. When her stomach didn’t agree with her she would cower in a corner, frightened. You wouldn’t hurt your child when their stomach is upset, so why would anyone hurt a child with a fur coat. It took a long time for her to allow us to hug her and kiss her. Even longer for her to come upstairs and jump on the bed. As you can see by the picture Sadie is very comfortable with cuddling now as we are resting on the deck ready to doze off. I once heard “you don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need”. We all truly believe this as we needed Sadie as much as she needed us. When our beloved Scooter passed away we all thought we could never love a Goldie as much again. Boy were we wrong. Sadie helps me get through the day. When the pain is too much to bear she jumps up on the bed and licks the tears away off my face every time. Eventually I think of her and not the pain and get out of bed. We thank Auntie Cheryl every day for letting us know about Golden Rescue. It is a fantastic organization, giving unloved Goldies a FOREVER HOME.

~ Wally, Kim Brandon, Kaitlin

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