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Sherry #1328
Brandy #1329
Status: adopted
Sherry and Brandy joined our family in July 2010 while we were still mourning the loss of our male Golden, Blazer, who had passed away suddenly from cancer.  These two sweet seniors stole our hearts from the minute they charged through our front door, scaring our cat who was used to a more docile companion. They had been together all of their lives and the bond between them was easy to see. In the beginning, they stayed close to each other, unsure as to whether our home was a temporary visiting place. As they began to feel secure, each found a special place to relax, Sherry on the bed or sofa and Brandy in the hall where it was cooler. They’ve brought a smile to our faces every day as we’ve watched them learn to play with stuff toys, fetch a ball and enjoy apples, bananas and raw carrots as much as dog treats. The weather is never too terrible for them to enjoy a walk and feast on grass or snow, regardless of whether they’d just had dinner. Despite having little exposure to cats, Sherry allows Honey to lick her face clean every morning and Brandy allows him space on her blanket. If everyone is thirsty at the same time, they know to wait their turn until Honey has finished drinking. Watching their personalities develop as they realize they are safe and loved has been a wonderful experience for our whole family. Thanks Golden Rescue for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with these two gentle, loving dogs.
~ Karen, Ed, Heather, Ryan and Honey

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