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Colton #1335

Gender: male

Status: adopted

This is total happiness: I shut my eyes to slits, focus on my hearing, smelling, feeling, loving  and I zoom into my own universe here at the lake and in the woods. They tell me so often, that I am the most perfect puppy, they ever set eyes on! And I believe them!!!

I run like a colt with the wind and my hind legs are most of the time in mid air barely able to keep up with my powerful turbo front legs.  I have found total freedom and unconditional love in my humans and my soulmate Sunny and I  never want this life of ultimate zest to end.

I was born in a very filthy crowded  backyard breeder’s house among  many other Goldens and my life could have ended there in misery. But my foster parents Randy and Cherie along with other Golden Rescue volunteers carried me and my siblings from that place hiding, gently wrapped as a bundle into the sun and gave me a chance. I was so afraid of humans due to lack of contact that I couldn’t even look at them and would try to hide by tucking my head behind me like a bird tucking their head under their wings.  However with lots of trust building exercises, training, socialization and a whole lot of TLC, my foster family  set the groundwork for my new life as a dog, I love them so much!.

But my life really changed when I met my adoptive big brother Sunny, my soulmate and mentor!  I ran through his front yard, dragging my poor foster dad, Randy  just behind me tumbling down to the beach, right into the lake and there he was: Waiting patiently just for me, my soulmate Sunny #1300! We swam, ran, chased, hid, seeked, played and tumbled for almost two years together. Now he is gone and I am alone with my Mom and Dad,  and I can feel and understand so much more. I swear, my Mom looks into my eyes and she reads me as if I was an open book. At the end of the day it is hand-holding-time and patting-time and then I always feel like smiling and sighing, because I am such a happy boy who found peace and love.

~ Iris, Neil & Justine

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