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Kamryn #1421

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Although the attached picture may not seem too special, it does portray him doing one of the things we love most: loyally greeting us as we walk in the door…he continues to be a wonderful dog soul with a great character and sweet personality…he has been an incredibly valuable addition to our aging family, and a huge support to all of us as we experience the changes that life brings…we have often commented he is the most popular family member because he always listens and loves, and in so doing reminds us what is most important…

We often think of Golden Rescue with so much gratitude for finding Kam for us when our previous Golden sadly and suddenly died of cancer. Kam continues to enjoy good health, thank God, and we hope daily that we bring him even a small measure of the happiness he brings us…he is at least ten, but we do not like to think too much about his aging and what comes next…we only hope that when he does finally have to part, Golden Rescue might help us find another friend to continue his lovely legacy…

~ Sybil, Kam, and the rest of the Percy family.

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