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Hunter #1457

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Hunter came to live with us September 12, 2010. We fell in love with him before we even met him. After the first phone conversation with his foster Mom, we knew he was the right addition to our family. He likes to run and explore, so although it has been a year and a half, we still make sure doors are always closed so he does not escape undetected. We are very careful about walking him on a leash when we are away from home, but he usually runs leash free when we walk him on his own property. His favourite thing to do is bark at the cows that live in the next field then find the perfect stick to flop down and chew. Hunter is a gentle giant who loves to cuddle on the bed at night and falls asleep with a great big grin on his face as he gets a belly rub. Thank you Golden Rescue for bringing this wonderful Golden into our lives!

~ Jackie & Stu

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