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Quincy #1479

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Quincy was a stray and came to us after we filled out an application at the Bala Cranberry Festival in October 2010. We already had two dogs, our alpha male Chico who is a 10 lb maltese poodle cross and a 20 lb Jack Russell Terror. So Quincy has had a lot of help growing up and tries to please his whole family!! Quincy thinks he is a small dog and regularly entertains us trying to do what the small dogs do like sitting on our laps and climbing up on the back of the chair or couch. Quincy communicates well, chattering away to us. During our first morning with him we learned that if we don’t respond to him he gets louder and louder. He woke us up as he has a very strict feeding schedule! He always knows when it’s feeding time. He also jabs his nose under our arms if we are sitting and insists on a hand on him. It doesn’t matter if we are drinking coffee or right now typing on the computer, we adjust to using the other hand. I have managed to convince him that my left hand is just as comforting as my right for obvious reasons!! We love him!! He adores bananas and anything else that may fall to the floor. We love to see him experience new things. When he sits in the back seat of the car, he puts the window down himself no matter how cold it is here in Muskoka. When people see him with his head out the window they smile and all the hair he leaves in the car after the ride is so worth it 🙂 Quincy has a cottage, a boat and he lives on 10 acres surrounded by large acreage properties and crown land. He has his own pool purchased shortly after he discovered mud and bathes in it when told to and sometimes just for fun! He has taught us all to smile every day, to put away our shoes, keep the garbage locked and to not put anything edible under the Christmas tree. He loves his life and we can’t imagine life without him!!

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