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Molly #1502

Gender: female

Status: adopted

We brought Molly home from her lovely foster home in Ajax last January. She had been rescued a few months prior and we could only imagine what she must have looked like. By January she was on the mend thanks to the love she received by her foster family, but she was still under weight and weak. When we picked up Molly, we were fortunate to be on vacation so we could spend quality time with Molly at the start. The most important member, Baily, our English Shepherd, approved wholeheartedly. Although Molly wasn’t the most playful doggie (she was nine years old after all and not in perfect physical condition), Baily immediately warmed up to this quiet, unassuming girl. She had rarely been on a leash and we were warned this may be difficult. During our first walk, Molly clung close to our legs and was apprehensive. By the third day, as soon as she saw the leash, she was at the door with her tail wagging waiting for her walk. She came to us as a tired, thin dog and she has emerged as one of the greatest we have ever known. She has gained weight and her fur is soft and luxurious. She craves affection and attention and believe us, there is no shortage of that at her new household! We have a small hill in our backyard which she loves to roll down, smiling all the way. Thunderstorms terrify her but we have found the place she feels safe…her mother’s dress cupboard. To clarify…one side of the cupboard holds shirts and pants but Molly, being a girly-girl, sits among the dresses. We have also discovered she loves a good tennis match. She literally watches the ball go back and forth with intensity. We cannot be sure but we think Serena Williams is one of her favourite players! What she has done for us is not easily put into words. She has a habit of sitting, placing her front paws on our leg, and looking soulfully into our eyes. She is a heart melter! She has all of us lying beside her on the floor stroking her ~ her soft belly, her pretty face, her lovely back. We are all fools for her love as she is so loving and kind. People tell us how nice we were for rescuing such an old, tired dog. The truth is we are the lucky ones. She has made our family complete and has settled in as if she had always been a part of our family. The love this gentle, beautiful girl gives us is unlike anything we have ever experienced. She is very special and we are grateful to have her in our lives. Thank you Golden Rescue!

~ Janis & Mike

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