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Hurley #1545

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Hi, my name is Hurley #1545. I am known as the Social Butterfly of Little Kennisis Lake. When my Mom and Dad take me for walks on our lake road, we often meet other humans who say of my fursister, Amber and me: “Oh, we recognize these two – they come for visits!” Our neighbour says he really enjoys when he’s working in his garage and turns around to find my head in his toolbox (looking for snacks, of course!).

I love to have something in my mouth when I’m excited – I AM a Golden Retriever, after all! I just can’t understand something. When I see humans walking on our lake road in winter, and I run to join them, they always bring me back to my home and my Mom makes me give back their mittens. Sigh! Maybe that’s why the other side of my identification tag says: “It wasn’t me, I swear”!

I love other things too. Especially riding in cars, going for walks, swimming (no matter how cold the water), counter surfing (but don’t tell my Mom!), snuggling with Mom and running after squirrels (but not flying squirrels). Well, I’m a very busy boy, so that’s all for now – just wanted to let you know that I’m loving life on the lake!

~ Terry & Bob

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