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Paisley #1554

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Paisley is not settling in ~ she has settled in! She has really bonded with Bob and is an equal opportunity suck when it comes for cuddling time. She happily hangs around with whoever is working in the garden and comes back promptly to both of us if she wanders out of sight. But most of the time she just putters around and then lies down near where we are working. She also has her own walkabout routine for when she is out (something I always had her doing with Honey because Honey wouldn’t wander off…but sadly we recently lost sweet Honey). She still is a bit upset when I go out but Bob says she just whimpers a bit and then settles (on the couch if we’ve forgotten to put the cushions up). We went to a concert one night and she was quite emotional greeting us when we got home but most of the time she is able to welcome us with fairly restrained cries of joy. And her funny little face is always right there at the door, which is really nice. Exercising Paisley is obviously not an issue for us given our location but I am training her to heel now. She gets it entirely on the way home from a run but it is still usually too much to ask when we start out. Mary & Bob L.

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