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Dragon #1570
Chester #1809
Status: adopted

It has been just over two years since Dragon rescued us. 2011 had become a challenge in that we had lost our beloved Golden, Whiskey, to cancer. Then we found that Bailey, Whiskey’s brother and litter-mate, was battling cancer as well. Whiskey and Bailey were our children and the thought of us bereft of a furball to love and care for was simply inconceivable. We reached out to Golden Rescue to find a Golden who needed our love and affection. Enter Dragon! At nine years old, he was a silent, gentle soul who simply could not find a reason to trust and look you in the eye. He was content to go for walks yet always with his head lowered, turning away when someone came near. A quiet presence, Dragon did not have much time with Bailey, a mere ten days, but in that time he watched over him. When we returned home from the vet that sad day in August, Dragon meandered over, sat in front of me (of course never making eye contact) and gently placed his paw in my lap. I knew he understood that we were sad and needed him to comfort us. Summer turned to fall and we developed a routine that we knew he was comfortable with ~ his tail began to wag high and there was a bounce in his step. From time to time, we would chat about how much we missed Whiskey and Bailey and having two furballs to love. Enter Chester #1809! On March 8th, we were blessed with our newest bundle of joy and at six years old he is a perfect complement to Dragon. Our biggest concern was Dragon. Never fear…the instant Dragon set eyes on Chester, he began to wag his tail. Chester cavorted over (in this most charming goofy way he has), looked Dragon right in the eyes, gave a quick sniff, and proceeded to plop down, roll over, and wag like there was no tomorrow. He was ‘ours’ from that moment and came home a few short days later. Now I have to say that I have never – and I mean never – met a dog as nervous and jumpy as Chester. The toaster popping is cause for alarm and please, you have no clue what a ringing phone can do if you don’t catch it on the first ring! Although we are managing, it is Dragon, the strong and calm presence, who is truly doing the rescuing. Every little thing that Dragon does, Chester is right there watching and has from day one. If Dragon wags, Chester wags. If Dragon wants a cuddle, then Chester wants to barge right in for one as well. They run around with stuffed animals in their mouths when we come home and we laugh…oh how we laugh! We call Chester our ‘little clown’. Dragon smiles and rolls his eyes at his goofy brother and Chester just looks at Dragon as though he walks on water. We will always miss those we have lost but thank Dragon and Chester for rescuing us!

~ Trish & Michel

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