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Winston #1582

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Winston came into our family in May of this year at 3 ½ years of age. He has a heart murmur and a thyroid problem which are being kept under control. He also has a weight problem, but, with the help of our Vet, he is on a weight control program. It was suggested that we take him for a “haircut” for the summer, which we did, as he had quite a lot of fur. He looks even more handsome if that’s possible. He loves his new “sister” Charlotte (Charlie) our 10 year old Yellow Labrador and also our two rescue cats (ages unknown) Fred and Ginger. He also loves our grandchildren who adore him and had no trouble at all winning the rest of the family over! Winston doesn’t like to go very far on his walks so we are taking it slowly and hopefully will build the distance up in time. He does love his car rides though and likes to go visiting. Most of all though he seems to be happy just to be where we are. He is a very loving dog, an absolute joy, and we are so happy to have him in our lives.

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