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Brooke #1586

Gender: female

Status: adopted

We have officially moved to Muskoka. Brooke was so happy here from day one and now it is her permanent home and she is doing amazingly well. She runs in the yard and plays daily with her neighbouring buddy, Sheldon. He actually comes to the front door looking for her. She has just flourished here. Her confidence is amazing…she holds her tail and head up almost all the time. When I go to the city and come home, she is on the back porch waiting. She sits up, props up her ears, and when I get out of the car charges towards me full throttle tail tagging!!! It is the best welcome home EVER!!!!!!!! We still have the odd ‘spooky flinch’ but they are so rare now and recovery is seconds vs. hours. We wanted you to know how happy she is and how thrilled we are to have her in our lives.

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