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Bandit #1590

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Bandit is a gift from God. We love him so much. He is the most affectionate, loving dog I have ever had. We say so many times “how could anyone have given him up”. He loves to be rubbed and patted all the time. My daughter has cerebral palsy so he’s even more special to her. He comes to see her many times in the day. He loves everyone. My granddaughter is especially close to him. She loves him lying on her and kissing her. He is 10 but like a puppy. Still wants to play ball, loves a flashlight game where he follow the light all over and best of all as his name implies loves to steal everything – socks, shoes, clothing and wait to be chased.He loves our big yard – except for the raccoons and is waiting for the pool to open. We thank you so much for our lovely Bandit and hope he lives an extra especially long time.

~ Marlene

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