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Oliver #1624

Gender: male

Status: adopted

This is Oliver (formerly known as Jake) and we adopted him two weeks ago and couldn’t wait to share all our good news about our new baby boy and our many thanks to Golden Rescue for bringing him into our lives. Oliver has settled in beautifully and he and his older brother have fallen in love. Oliver is just the perfect companion – he’s always up for a big walk and is so much fun to go jogging with. At home, he’s happy to cuddle up on the couch and watch the world go by out the window. His cutest quality is how he “talks” to us by making his little moans and groans to tell us he’s enjoying his snuggles and brushings. We are constantly amazed by how well-behaved he is at home. He does very well on walks too however can get a little over-eager when he meets people and likes to go in for a kiss! We can’t wait to enjoy our lives with this sweet boy.

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