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Status: adopted

Solomon continues to do really well and he’s wonderfully affectionate. Sometimes, when he is very quiet, I am sure he is wondering what happened to his original owner. In the meantime he is making himself at home. His past owners didn’t allow him in the bedroom or on the furniture. Now, when I come home, he is happily lazing on the living room couch and he’s starting to come up to the bedroom on his own. He has actually slept on the bed a number of times! He was obviously not used to stairs and is very careful but he’s using them all the time now. I can open the door and let him out. He likes to wander into the corn field next door and root around finding all kinds of new scents. He spends most of his walk running but he comes right away when I call him. He looks great and I brush him nearly every day ~ his coat now has a lovely sheen. Hailey still has to remind him he’s lucky to be living in her house but they do cuddle together and play with each other. She’s a much happier camper with him in our home.

~ Flora

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