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Max #1652

Gender: male

Status: adopted

When we adopted Peanut in February 2012 we decided to change his name to Max and he took to the change very well. It was about 6 months or so when Max was feeling that this was his forever home. He has become apart of our family and we couldn’t image not having him. He is perfect!! Max met a porcupine two weeks after we brought him home and I felt awful. We were walking in the forest and was a particularly nice day for February and off leash. Luckily it was a small porcupine and only had a few quills in his lower chin but still off to the vets for emergency removal of the quills. He met a skunk last September in the rain and I am glad I wasn’t the one walking him. Boy did he smell and a quick look online to find the ingredients to safely bathe him outside. He was not impressed. Max has a favourite place in the living room where he can look out and watch for anyone who might come over or any critter who might be walking by like turkeys or bears. Max absolutely loves the being outside in the snow. I would have to say his favourite season starts in the fall and goes until early spring when it is still cool. The summertime is only good if he can be in the water. Max is a very healthy Golden and loves to be with us. In fact when only my husband and Max were home alone for a weekend Max paced and his bed had to be moved into our room so he would settle for the night.

~ Jo-Anne

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