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Ginger #1668

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Ginger, 6.5 years old, came to me as a foster on Boxing Day 2011. She had many ‘issues’ ~ extreme timidity when meeting people or dogs on our walks (tail and head went down), fear of noises, separation anxiety ~ any separation from me was met with extreme agitation, circling, and literally ‘digging’ through my wood floors, followed quickly by shredding anything in her path (i.e. clothes, newspapers, books)! She also had a fear of being left alone outside – even when bathroom trips were a must! Very soon after getting Ginger, she decided I was the owner for her so she is now my ‘Forever Friend’! I am happy to say that after a year of training for both of us, stability, love, patience, plus a daily routine and toys stuffed with treats (to take her mind off me leaving) she is now quiet, calm, and relaxed and, in fact, can’t wait for me to go to work each day so she can have her toy! We are working on short-term out-of-routine absences but I am confident that this will improve. She is still cautious when greeting people or dogs but her tail can be seen to ‘twitch’ as they approach now. I have been blow drying her hair for a few seconds every week when I do mine so now the noise of the dog groomer’s hair dryer is just a breeze. My rewards are enormous when I look into those trusting brown eyes and no longer see panic or fear – just friendship, trust, and love.

~ Kayren

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