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Jesse #1672

Gender: male

Status: adopted

We adopted Jesse (on the right) age 4 and a half years from Golden Rescue in June 2012. We have a lovely golden Easton, aged 5 and felt the time was right to bring home a playmate and companion for him. Jesse has ‘fit in’ to our family from the moment we met him. Jesse has gained a middle name of “Shadow” as he is always close by his family and his golden brother Easton. Jesse is a perfect gentleman, walks happily anywhere and swims with a huge smile at the beach or when running free in open areas. Jesse loves to ride on our boat, waiting patiently for anchoring, so he can swim, wander along the shoreline and out swim his brother Easton for a frisbee!

Jesse is so loved and we are thrilled and so appreciative of the work that was done for Jesse through the Golden Rescue to help bring us together with Jesse. It’s really a Happy Beginning for our family with Jesse in it!

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