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Dusty #1701

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Dusty has settled in so well into our household it’s hard to believe he’s been with us less than 2 months. He has a sweet, engaging personality and is inquisitive about everything. He loves going down to our stables as there’s so much to explore and he’s developing a healthy respect for our horses. He also loves the fact that it’s self-service carrots down there! His favourite friend is Layla, my daughters black lab cross who visits about 4 times a week; they have such a good time together but the other 3 days they are both recuperating from their exhaustive play. Any activity we introduce him to he takes on enthusiastically and we have discovered he’s a good running buddy and a great swimmer. He and Layla thoroughly enjoy our visits to the lake. Best of all he loves to cuddle and loves to be right by you, sharing a prized soggy toy. Dusty is a wonderful addition to our family and we are thrilled to have him. Thank you Golden Rescue!

~ The Davies family

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