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Perry #1706

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Perry has been in his forever home for two months and it seems as if he has always been with us. In view of the fact that he was a stray and there was very little information about him, he has adapted wonderfully to his new home and routines. He is a gentle, mannerly, very sweet boy. He charms everyone he meets especially when he presents them with a shoe or a toy. Perry gets very excited when he sees his leash come out and his on-leash behaviour has improved greatly. He obeys simple commands and is very eager to please, especially if there is a biscuit in his future. He is our early warning system for impending invasions by squirrels, chipmunks, deer, boats and even butterflies. He is always eager to go for a car or boat ride but not so keen on actually getting in the water. He will get his feet wet but only if one of us goes in with him. Perry loves hugs and pats and is always leaning in for some physical contact. He has become a real velcro-boy. There were some separation anxiety issues in the beginning but he seems much more relaxed now when we go out without him. He is very respectful of our two cats and they co-habitate peacefully, with one or both cats often joining us on our walks. We are very thankful to Golden Rescue for this beautiful boy. We feel very fortunate that he has joined our family and could not imagine life without him.

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