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Mollie #1714

Gender: female

Status: adopted

We adopted Mollie (on the left), from Golden Rescue, on July 2nd 2012, at 10 months old. This little girl settled right in, the moment we brought her home! She is now Mia’s (our other Golden who is almost 4 years old – on the right in the picture) little sister/shadow. Mollie and Mia are inseparable, but Mia would tell you that Mollie can be an annoying little sister sometimes! They very often lay down right up against each other. We couldn’t have asked for a better match! Our fur girls constantly play tug and wrestling. Mollie is gentle and intelligent, and she LOVES all people, all pets, and life in general! She’s even good with our two cats, Lily & Willow, although she sometimes chases them (but playfully). When we get home, Mollie greets us at the door with a toy in her mouth, tail wagging so hard that her whole back side wiggles! Every morning, she welcomes the new day with the cutest and funniest yawns! We are SO glad to have her in our lives! We are blessed with two wonderful Golden girls (M&M)!

~ Nancy & Mark

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