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Tessa #1722
Emma #1723
Status: adopted

Tessa are the joys of my life, such wonderful temperaments and SO much fun! Emma in particular wakes up and is ready to tackle the day with gusto, lots of wiggles and a huge grin! Being 29” tall, she can steer you wherever she wants. Tes is a little more reserved but loves the attention & massages. Walks are a regular thing a few times a day, but the real joy is when every Wed am we join 2 other gals and their dogs, so it’s a fabulous social event. Plus why not take advantage of the water, mud, coats of burrs this time of year. When I adopted them, neither really knew how to play , but they have caught onto the “kong” game. Emma especially adept at throwing it around to get whatever is in, out. Plus she now knows how to open the sliding screen door (taught so I wasn’t the doorlady) Tessa likes TV and watches all animal shows, giving advise whenever she feels it appropriate (alot) (Fascinated with Cesar) Both girls are very ”family” oriented, wanting to go wherever I go, be it garden/car/cottage/grandparents home for weekend visits…It’s hard to believe that it’ll be 3 years this June and that they’ll be 7 & 8 this year! GR is a regular in my in-box so am always reading about your new babes on the web (and I confess, I often thinking about getting another, there are some adorable personalities there and I prefer the older and dual pups, only because most want the young ones) I also noticed and was pleasantly surprised to see the photo of my 3 pups (Em, Tessa & my Chesapeake bay retriever who died in 2013) under the food aggression article in the Resource section) Poster girls! However they’re both very camera shy, so my delay in getting this to you is to have updated photos. I started writing back to you the day I got your e-mail….It must be so rewarding being a volunteer for these magnificent personalities. Life is Golden!

~ Alison

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