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Spencer #1724

Gender: male

Status: adopted

When we lost our 12.5-year-old Golden Retriever, Molly, to cancer in November 2011, our whole family was devastated. And it wasn’t long before our youngest son Daniel started itching for a new puppy. Daniel very much wanted some company when he came home from school and our cat Marty just didn’t cut it. We went back and forth with the idea of getting a puppy – but after spending time walking dogs at the Oakville Humane Society, we felt very strongly about adopting a dog who needed a home. The only caveat – it had to be a Golden Retriever. We’ve had two in our family and, as far as we’re concerned, the only breed for us. And then we were introduced to Spencer – a beautiful, big red loveable boy – who captured our hearts! Daniel and I made a whirlwind trip to Ottawa-Gatineau to meet Spencer’s foster parents and to take him “home”! We are so grateful to his foster parents for everything they did for him and we are delighted to see him every day. Yes he has a big bark that has driven a few of our neighbours crazy but we’re working on it; and yes, we need an endless supply of paper towels to wipe up doggie drool; and yes, he needs what the dog trainer calls “impulse control” around his food (but then again, so do I) ! Thanks to Golden Rescue we have a fur-buddy to love and Daniel has a best friend!

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