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Goldie #1726

Gender: female

Status: adopted

After having to say good-bye, almost a year ago to our first rescued golden, Teddy #845 we knew that we would enjoy another Golden senior. Here is Goldie’s family. From L to R is her younger sister, Sydney who is a yellow, 10yr. old lab. Goldie’s in the centre with our Golden Boy, Marley on the right and he just turned 2 yrs. old. When Goldie arrived, last June 25th, 2012, Marley got her to chase him around our garden twice, before she realized that she couldn’t keep up. But she sure tried. Sydney kept giving up her kisses to Goldie as if to say…… “Hey, I’m not the only senior girl here, anymore……….. Welcome, Welcome !! As we came back into the house, Sydney took Goldie over to the water dish literally and sat beside her while she drank. So the bond between the furkids was instant. Goldie enjoys her carrot treats, walks, car rides and……. Oh yes !! Boy, can Goldie swim. She swims at Crystal Beach where there is a gentle boat ramp for her to walk down into the water. And yes, as fate will have it’s way……….. as we are scrambling for our camera to take Goldie’s first swim pictures, she is already well into deep water, keeping up with her sis and bro.

Goldie had her 12th birthday on September 1st, 2012. She enjoyed a bran-carrot muffin with a pink candle. We sang “Happy Birthday”, blew out the candle, quickly ( as she almost ate that too ), and watched her enjoy her birthday dessert. It always amazes us how easy a transition is made into our home. It feels as if Goldie has been with us her whole 12 years. She has bonded totally, and favours her new dad. She is truly a lady’s man.

Once again, thank-you Golden Rescue for the opportunity to expand our family.

~ Colleen & Keith

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