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Rosey #1728

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Life is going very well for Rosey. She is such a beautiful girl. so loving, so happy and she loves her life in North Bay. She runs with us in the summer and snowshoes in the winter. We live on a lake and her very favorite pastime is swimming. She loves to lounge on the dock just taking it all in. Unlike most dogs who love car rides, Rosey would prefer just to stay home likely because she loves her own surroundings.

We have a 29 ft trailer so we love to camp in the summer and Rosey (and her sister Dream) has been on many trips. She has been out to the PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and last year she visited Bar Harbour Main, New Hampshire and Vermont. She is happy to go wherever we are.

She is a very loving dog and I think she loves us very much. WE have cuddle time each night and that seems to be her favorite time of day (other than swimming). When we get home from work and let the dogs out, Rosey heads right down for a quick dip in the lake and then a nice walk.

We love her and are so happy that we found each other. I have highly recommended Golden Retriever Rescue to many of our friends. I greatly appreciate the work that you do and the time and effort you put into re-homing these lovely animals.

~ Barb & Andrew

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