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Rosie #1728

Gender: female

Status: adopted

We love Rosie. She is a beauty. She had several adventures in the summer. She went camping a few times and we have done lots of hiking and visiting family. She loves to swim ~ it is crazy how much she loves the water. As soon as we let her out she runs down for a swim every time. Dream is liking the water more now that Rosey is here. We had a slight adjustment period with a few accidents on the carpet but Dream taught her where to go and when so that was helpful. She is very smart and learns quickly. It is ironic how fast we fell in love with her. We wondered how her foster mom got so attached to her so fast but now we know…it took us about five minutes. I look forward to the winter adventures we are going to have. She is going to love snowshoeing. Rosie seems quite happy with us too. She smiles all the time and is very loving. She really tries hard to please us. Thanks again for everything.

~ Barb

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