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Jack #1753

Gender: male

Status: adopted

We were devastated when we lost our beloved Bimmer in April at 11-1/2 yrs and shed a lot of tears before we realized we needed another Golden in our home. We decided on a rescue Golden and sent in our application and checked the site every day and waited…..then Jack appeared….we talked it over and decided to see if, maybe, we would be considered a match for him. We were invited to go visit him and we met his wonderful foster parents and their Golden and it didn’t take long to realize he just might be a fit for us and us for him. He is settling in beautifully and becoming quite vocal with his grumbly growls & squeaks….he met the 5 kids across the road and seemed to enjoy their quiet, gentle attention…he slept through the jazz festival on the weekend. He met his new vet and all the staff and they love him as much as we do. He has a friend next door, Moose, a field spaniel and they had a play time together with lots of fun and barking by Jack. A great bonus for us is that he loves going for rides and will go to the back of our wagon and wait for the door to be opened!! We absolutely have fallen in love with him and it’s wonderful just thinking that he is here and opening a new chapter in his life and ours. I’d like to add our thanks to Golden Rescue for bringing this boy into our lives and also thanks to the home he came from where he was obviously loved and raised to be such a sweetheart.

~ Diane & Barry

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