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Juniper #1755

Gender: female

Status: adopted

I must tell you off the top that we changed Kimberley’s name to Juniper and we call her Joonie, for short. Joonie is thriving! As you may know, she is on medication for epilepsy and since we have had her, just over 2 years, she has not had a seizure. We are so thankful. Joonie loves to meet her puppy friends on our walks and is eager to say hi to their people. Something she learned from her big sister is to flop on her back and wiggle around in the grass all 4 legs kicking about. So fun to watch. She always greets whomever comes over with her stuffed toys in her mouth and tail wagging. Joonie loves to cuddle and is a happy girl. We love her lots. On a side note, her big sister, Strawberry, had to be put down 9 weeks ago and she is missing her. I’ve attached 4 photos below your e-mail (Joonie is on the left.). We’d be delighted if you posted some of Joonie’s story in the Happy Endings section.

~ Anne & Dan

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