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Dexter #1801

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Dexter was our 2nd foster dog through GR that we first met on December 12, 2012 at TVEH. He had torn his ACL and required immediate surgery after travelling to Toronto from out of town. We were fortunate that we were able to meet him before surgery so that we wouldn’t be strangers to him afterwards. After the recovery period and sessions of physiotherapy, he tore his other ACL and we needed to go through the entire process with Dexter a second time. After loving and supporting him for close to a year we knew in our hearts that we wanted to make this loving and gentle boy part of our family permanently. Since then, he has brightened each day with his kind and gentle nature. He has learned to swim, put his head underwater to retrieve tennis balls and adores sunset boat rides at the cottage. Dexter has even learned to live peacefully with two cats who he has realized are the true bosses in the house. Dexter will be turning 7 this March and over the past 4 years he has welcomed 10 foster dogs into our home and has demonstrated excitement, acceptance, and patience with each and every one; we feel sad for him when each foster leaves as he has lost a play mate and buddy. Dexter also enjoys meeting new people and dogs at various fund raising events and is always willing to let people give him belly rubs and treats! Dexter has truly become a Golden Rescue Ambassador and we can’t imagine our lives without him!

~ Michelle & Allan

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