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Toby #1816

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Hello, my name is TOBY! (the GREAT and CITY PULSE MASCOT) After about a month in the city with really loving foster parents, I have finally arrived in my forever home. Perhaps you can see my tail waving and waving on this favorite picture of mine? It is in fact the first time I am looking at my new territory, my new home, where I will live for the rest of my life, and I stare and stare for at the least seven and a half minutes….. looking and admiring and finally making great plans for the golden future! My life with my new special little brother Colton and my new forever family will be a wonderful one, full of freedom, adventures in never-ending forests, creeks, ponds and lakes. The two of us will leap and chase through it like wild grown flying foxes. I already feel like I am spilling over with happiness and I have all this energy to spend: running my heart out, beating my darling brother Colton in play fights, chasing, catching, racing, swimming, doing acrobatic and so much more. My dad calls me: “My long lost son!”, that must mean something very important!

Mom is convinced I am totally hilarious, loving and stubbornly smart, when I open up doors like a human and just walk in proudly without knocking and shutting them afterwards. But she always gives me this strange look, when I open up my mouth wide and try to close it over my smaller, big brother’s head………… just like a python. And at last, here is my very noble oath to all my golden two- and fourlegged friends out there: Fur-ever and ever I will love and cherish every big and small puddle of mud or water, I will “worship” every moving or croaking creature in the forest, swamp and lake and I also promise to bark and announce the falling of every dried up old stick onto the forest floors…………

~ Iris, Neil, Justine & Emma

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