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Crystal #1822

Gender: female

Status: adopted

“It has only been a week, but it seems Crystal has been a part of the family forever, and we would be lost without her. Crystal and Kilo have already developed a special bond, and love playing tug-of-war. Crystal is enjoying the cottage, where we go for lots of long walks. Mom’s little helper, Crystal assists with the yard work, picking up the sticks and placing them into a box. Then she takes the sticks out to play tug-of-war with Kilo. Always busy, Crystal has fun barking at the ducks and seagulls hanging out on the beach. The ever-active girl that Crystal is, she enjoys jogging with my son 3-4 times each week, and will be nice and svelte for the beach by this summer. Thank you to Golden Rescue for giving our family the opportunity to welcome Crystal into our hearts! Crystal has found her forever home!”

~ Mary

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