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Bella #1829
Bowie #1830
Status: adopted

Bella #1829 and Bowie #1830 have settled in so nicely. They love to be cuddled and we love to cuddle them. They have met a few other dogs in the neighbourhood and we love to share the Golden Rescue story. They love being brushed and playing with their toys. Bowie will wander around with a toy in her mouth and Bella tries to take it from her. Bowie is so laid back she gives it to her without a fuss (usually). Bella tries to tease her sister into playing but if Bella isn’t in the mood, no amount of tugging on her, barking at her or pawing at her will make her play. So poor Bella has to play with us and since we don’t mouth and tug, I don’t think Bella thinks we are as much fun. We are walking twice a day to help them get their girlish figures back. It just feels ‘right’ to have them here with us and we are so grateful to Golden Rescue for giving us the opportunity to provide forever homes for these girls.

~ Chery, Scott, Patrick & Catherine

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