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Cher #1879

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Cher joined our family Aug. 26, 2013. A timid little girl that is taking baby steps to come out of her shell. In our house she is known as Little One or Princess. She comes to work with us and sleeps under my desk. When someone comes in she gets her stuffie and greets them for a small pet. At the beginning of this year 2014 she had a Mammary Cancer operation and like the little trooper she is she came through with flying colors. She loves going for her walks even in the winter when she has to wear her boots and coat. Slowly but surely she is learning to be around children, at least now she doesn’t run and hide as long as we tell them, one at a time and slowly. The beginning of her life was not the best, but now she is spoiled rotten. One thing she does is snore and louder than most men, if she falls asleep on the floor it actually vibrates through the floor. Our little girl will be 9 this year and we love her to death, even the snoring. Cher is such a great part of our family and brings us such joy and love. This summer she is going to learn to go fishing on a boat. Thank you to her foster for letting us have her.

~ Tom and Brenda

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