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Cleo #1892

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Cleo is such a delight – she loves her ‘kids’ and the only time she pulls on her leash is when she is going to pick up the kids from school. Her #1 favourite activity, tied only with off leash time chasing her balls, diving in the lake to chase the ducks, hiking, lying in our bed (we are still not sure who was first to let her up!), oh and about 10 other exciting activities. She does NOT like walking the kids to school – well she likes the walking part, just not the saying good-bye.

She has warmed to our large extended family, enjoying daytime visits from the grandparents and extra snuggles with the littlest cousins. We’ve even seen a huge improvement in how quickly she warms to strangers.

While she is still not a huge fan of playing with other dogs and doesn’t like sharing her tennis balls (quickly switched to rubber balls after she ate a few!) with other dogs, she does great with her dog cousin up at the cottage.

She is an ‘Early to bed’ girl and gets upset if Jon tries to walk her past 9:30 pm. She’ll go as far as the front yard to do her business, then it is back home to snuggle down for the night.

We’ve had her at the vet and she is down another 7-8lbs, but the best part is that her stamina and fitness level is so improved. Thanks to a good start with Adrienne and two long walks a day, playing in the backyard and mini-walks to the school she is able to do so much more! This was brought home this past Saturday when we all went on a 2 hour hike, 1 hour of catch plus swimming in the lake (at least 3 times!) and she was up to it all again the next day and again today!

So there is novella about Cleo. We can’t thank all three of you ladies for the support and guidance you provided during the adoption process. We couldn’t be happier with how it all worked out and really appreciate how hard you work and how you really helped us find the right fit for our family.

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