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Zoey #1932

Gender: female

Cali #1933

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

These two senior citizens are absolutely amazing! Believe it or not, Zoey is 19 and Cali is 13. These two GR superstars were being fostered together by a fabulous couple who really took care of these initially overweight, timid Goldens. They continued getting comfortable with us and they are two happy-go-lucky, loving, confident souls. Zoey is almost completely deaf these days and has arthritis…all pretty normal for such an aging grand dame. Cali, healthy for her age, looks over Zoey with great care. Cali had a thyroid condition that was treated with medication and her new diet and exercise program. As a result, she has dropped her weight and is flourishing. Over the years, Zoey has had a few serious medical conditions requiring operations and she recovered each time beautifully. We believe our well-planned nutritional changes have helped them thrive and age graciously. Of course, good bloodlines and lots of love have also contributed to their health and happiness.

Katalin & Bruce

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