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Maggie #1935

Gender: female

Status: Adopted

“Wake up Maggie I think I got something to say to you,
It’s late December and since you came along our life is full.”

Excuse the little rewriting of Maggie Mae but it’s true. This precious girl, when she arrived in December, changed our lives forever. We had suffered a loss so when Maggie came along, everything started to look brighter. Maggie’s beautiful, mischievous personality brings joy to us and she just instinctively knows when extra love is needed in the room. These days, she enjoys rowing events, baseball games, car rides, playing with neighbourhood children, chasing her tail, visiting seniors, and trips to the drive-thru where she easily charms the employees to a treat or two. Apart from a little arthritis, Maggie is in good health and this wonderful 14-year-old brings joy to everyone she meets.

Kim & family

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