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Maggie #1935

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Meet Maggie or ‘Maggie-Moo’ as we keep calling her. She is a master leaner…in fact, she got the gold medal for leaning at the 2013 Doggie Olympics. She also won the silver for the ‘throwing yourself on the ground, rolling over, grinning, belly rub’ competition the same year. She still loves her crate and has an indoor and outdoor insulated one. She also passed doggie school with flying colours, impressing everyone in the class, including the teacher. Of course she is a bit like the well behaved child in public and the little tear while at home (only kidding… sort of). Her ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘leave it’, ‘heel’, ‘lie down’ are 10 out of 10 but her ‘come’ is a work-in-progress. She is a pure delight and also the delight of the neighbourhood kids ~ her tail almost becomes a roto-tiller the second she sees them coming. Maggie-Moo…we love you!

~ Kim

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