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Murphy #2010

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Murph is your classic retriever. Whether it’s a stick or ball, Murphy is all over it. This lovely boy is absolutely in love with life. He actually goes around regularly smelling the flowers…a perfect reminder to all of us to stop and ‘smell the roses’ (we actually have a picture of dear Murph smelling a rose). Also each morning and each evening in a ritualistic style, he gives all of us a full body hug as if to say, “thank you, thank you, thank you!” Murph charms everyone with his goofy grin and gentle demeanor. He loves his car rides, especially to the cottage where he practices his dock diving in preparation for the Golden Rescue picnic. Of course Murph, like all of us, has some annoying habits like traipsing through the gardens to retrieve his ball and coming out after creating garden havoc as if to say, “What?!? I needed to get my ball.” Oh well, none of us are perfect, although dear Murphy comes awfully close.

~ Christine, Ed, Kaitlyn, Riah & Nicola

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