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Duke #2026

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Duke came into our family 18 months ago at eight years of age. He is now 10-years-old and doing well. He fit in instantly with our now 11-year-old Tara. Our two seniors still enjoy playing albeit their play-time is a bit shorter these days. Duke has an amazing, charming personality and loves greeting all who come to our home. He has a special hello for our 11-year-old son, which is sort of a wooo…woooo..woooo ~ very distinctive and exclusively meant for him. Duke has an amazing knack of telling time and can remind us it’s dinner time within the minute. Duke had to lose a few pounds when he first came to us so his treats are often frozen green beans, an apple or a carrot, which is totally fine with Duke. His weight loss resulting in less stress on his joints has made him even more playful. Every morning when he greets us with a chin on the bed, we are so grateful for this wonderful boy we had the privilege to adopt into our family.

~ Liz & family

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