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Remi #2043

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Our dear Remi was a shy fearful boy when he first came to our home. Whatever happened in his previous life made him cautious and untrusting and he seemed particularly afraid of women. He must have been a loner as he preferred the basement family room to hanging out with us. Patience, love, and time, however, transformed this magnificent boy and soon he started to trust…more and more every day. He seems marvelled by the world ~ blowing leaves, moving water, swaying branches ~ all seem to fascinate and elate this beautiful boy, who is now a happy, confident, sweet member of our family. Remi now loves everyone ~ men, women, and children! And everyone loves him back ~ how could they not?

Remi has settled in to his forever home with us very nicely. Sadly when we first brought Remi home, he was very distant, he spent a lot of time by himself, meaning he would prefer to go in the basement family room and hang out alone than be near us. It was very sad to see, we felt that he was probably nervous and unsure, we knew he had been through a lot. Remi was also nervous around all women including myself and our daughter and would growl if we approached him, he would do the same thing around children. We didn’t understand why or what happened in his past before coming to us, but we were patient with him, giving him lots of love and attention letting him know that he was going to be OK and that he was safe with us. We knew in time he’d learn to trust, and sure enough Remi began to trust more and more each day. He loves to be petted, loves all his new toys, and splashing in his own dog pool. He seems marveled by everything, it’s as though so much is new to him like how water moves and feels, and he chases everything that moves, leaves blowing in the wind and he jumps to get low lying branches swaying with the breeze. Remi goes on two longs walk every day and looks forward to it excitedly; he loves nature and is always bringing home a treasure to store in the backyard, a stick or a mouthful of leaves!

Remi now loves people, male, female and kids alike, he goes running up to everyone he see’s to say hello! It has been a complete joy to watch Remi transform into such a happy Golden and loving life!! Patience, love and understanding is sometimes all they need, and a second chance! Remi is a sweetheart, a little ham at times, he brings many smiles and laughter to our daily lives, and we feel so lucky to have been chosen by Golden Rescue to be Remi’s forever family.
With heartfelt thanks,

~ Lorraine, Kurt & Emily

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