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Rosie #2044

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Meet Rosie ~ miracle girl. This three-year-old sweetie-pie has gone through so much it is astounding she is still with us. It would be impossible to describe what Rosie has been through but suffice it to say what looked like a hot spot and coughing that presented like kennel cough, Rosie was finally diagnosed as having blast mycosis ~ a deadly but treatable disease. After many days on antibiotics and intravenous, Rosie had to have one eye removed and it looked like one of her paws would have to be removed as well. With large lesions on her back, along with her other dire symptoms, Rosie was a very sick girl with little or no energy and her prognosis was poor. After many opinions, we couldn’t stand the idea of removing Rosie’s paw as she loved to run. We agonized over what to do and decided to try a naturopathic, vet who was recommended by our vet, as she specializes in ‘blasto’. After a rigorous 2.5 hour examination, she put Rosie on a regime of health supplements to improve her immune system and continued her dosage of tetraconozole. To make a very long and involved story short, dear sweet Rosie started to improve. Today Rosie is a happy, healthy, loving girl with tons of energy. She truly is a walking, running miracle. We love Rosie so much and look at her in awe every day knowing what she suffered through so stoically…and survived.

~ Donna & Dan

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