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Oakley #2071

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Oakley’s previous life was less than perfect as he spent the last couple of years outside on the end of a rope. One would think that this would have left this amazingly handsome boy with some baggage. Not so…Oakley may be the most tender creature on earth. Without a mean bone in his body, Oakley entered his new life with love in his eyes and trust in his heart. His only scar is he can be needy at times but that is simply because he is starving for affection. In his new forever family he plays joyfully with his canine brothers and sister. No rope for this boy ever again. He is beautifully trained and his recall is amazing…and finally ~ a Golden who retrieves! Oakley is overflowing with affection and he’s an amazing body pillow. You’re home and safe now, big guy!

~ Viive & Iain

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