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2124 Aurelia
Aur #2124

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Aurélia’s name is perfect for her. It is pretty, it is feminine, and it means golden, having roots in Latin. When Aurélia first walked into her forever home she trotted in confidently, happily, and full of curiosity. Together, she and her mum investigated her home and got to know her new sister, Gioia. Aurélia was fascinated by Gioia but Gio’ was not fully convinced about the new girl at first. In a very short time, Aurélia won her over. Now they do everything together including eat, go out to explore the yard, go on walks, ask for biscuits, and they always say goodbye together to their mum when she has to go out. They are always told, “I love you. Look after each other!” And they do. Aurélia is full of joy, and love. She is the most perfectly behaved girl. She happily walks by her mum’s side either holding her own leash or holding Gioia’s leash in her mouth. Every night she keeps the bed warm, shares the space, and greets her mum with a ”Good Morning” nuzzle.

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