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Lucky #2131

Gender: male

Status: adopted

It’s me, Lucky. First of all, thanks for helping me find my new Mom and Dad. I really fit in well here! I don’t think they have noticed that I only have three legs!! They hug and kiss me every morning when I pop into the bedroom around 6:30 to see if they are awake! I have made lots of new friends here in the neighbourhood. Everyone walking by stops to say Hi and to give me a rub on my head! They always seem to remember my name and they chuckle a little bit when they say it! I’m out for a walk every day here too. There is a big trail and a park right on the lake. I love going there. We have a little cat that lives here too. Her name is Jemmy-Jo. I think she is my sister. She is just like me too except she is missing a tail! She lets me look at her but when I get too close she makes a really wild noise. Not sure what it is but I don’t think she is saying Hi! I love my new backyard and my dad built me a ramp to get down off the deck so I don’t have to go down the stairs. Makes it easier for a guy like me. Lots of birds and squirrels to watch here. I would love to have a closer look but my Mom said just too look or they wouldn’t come back!

My mom and dad say that our family is perfect now! I guess they were always waiting for ME!!

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