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Levi #2192

Gender: male

Status: adopted

The past few months have been very difficult for me, grieving the passing of my beloved husband, John, in April and my precious Golden, Montana, in July. I was heartbroken and really missed my loved ones. Then one day, a dear friend of mine told me about Golden Rescue and I checked your website. I found the answer to my prayers. I read Levi’s profile and my heart reached out to him. I was thrilled when Golden Rescue called to let me know that my adoption application was being considered for Levi. You were so supportive and before I knew it, a volunteer came over to do a home visit and I was put in touch with Levi’s foster mom. It was all so exciting and I spent my weekend shopping for Levi ~ a dog bed, food, toys, towels!!! I couldn’t wait to meet him! Three days later, a good friend helped me with the long drive to meet Levi and I was over the moon for this sweet boy. We instantly fell in love and I adopted him that very day. He was such a good boy on the drive home. Levi is so loving, affectionate, and smart. He does the most comical thing in the car. When we turn a corner, he puts his paw on the door rest, just like a human and I can’t stop laughing. Taking photos of Levi has been the funniest challenge. Every time he sees me trying to take a photo with my iPad, Levi runs toward me full tilt and showers me with sloppy kisses. Levi is quite the ladies’ man and already has a girlfriend. Maggie is a Bernese-Doodle and they have had successful dinner dates together. Don’t we wish that all dates would go this well?! Even the little white dogs on my street have taken a shine to Levi!

In my heart I know that Levi and I were meant to be together. He is helping me get through this difficult time and I love him so much! It feels as though we’ve known each other forever. He rescued me…and I rescued him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t explain what you have done for me. I promise Levi will be looked after and I hope to be fortunate to have him in my life for as long as my previous Goldens ~ Cognac and Montana. I know that John, Montana, and Cognac are my three angels looking down at me, wanting me to be happy again, and they have picked Levi to be by my side.

~ Kim

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